Chairman profile



Mr Arif Yousuf Jeewa is a notable signature in the Construction Industry of Pakistan and a charismatic personality among the builders & developers all over Pakistan. Mr Arif Yousuf Jeewa started Construction & Development career in 1992 from Karachi. In several years, he holds one of the Business Tycoon titles of Construction Industry across Pakistan, due to his allegiance, hard work & plenty of ambitions. He is the most famous builder & developer with many successful Projects in Pakistan

Mr Arif Jeewa has been playing his role under the several giant firms of Pakistan. Furthermore, He has expanded his business in various fields and proceeds hard working for the massive upcoming & present projects. Mr Arif Jeewa is the Chairman of Jeewa Group of Companies, & also holds the title of Former Chairman of Association of Builders and Developers – ABAD of Pakistan 

Concise Introduction to Jeewa Group of Companies

Our Primary motive is to construct a high rise building with a nominal price and maximum utilization. The population of Pakistan is increasing day by day and people are moving toward urban cities for better work and education. Due to frequent increase of urbanization, there are fewer places for houses to fulfill the requirement and high rise buildings can accommodate a large number of families because of which our company is playing a vital role and M/s Capital Residencia is one his kind of project in Pakistan.